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Water Resistance

What does it mean when a watch is water resistant?

Water resistance refers to the watches ability to withstand water pressure. The fact is there is no watch that can be waterproof.

"Water resistant" has replaced the terminology of “waterproof” by watch manufacturers. The term “waterproof” was prohibited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for being misleading. Eventually, the ISO created requirements and testing methods of water-resistant watches to clarify to consumers what it meant when purchasing a timepiece that would come in contact with water.

Watches can be is tested, and at Shami, we have the most sophisticated equipment and technology to determine if your watch is taking in water and moisture. Wear and tear will lead to gaskets breaking down and our technicians we will know when the gaskets should be replaced and lubricated.

We recommend that you have your watch tested yearly. However, if you are an avid water-skier, or into kite surfing or a triathlete, you might consider having it tested more often. If you are in and around the beach and swim in salt water, it’s essential to have your watch checked because one’s lifestyle will have a direct correlation to the water resistances longevity.

Swimming & Showering

What measures do I take if I accidentally jump in a pool with my watch on?

If water or moisture gets inside your watch, it can wreak havoc on its delicate movements. If this happens, we suggest that you place it on a radiator, lamp or hotplate.  Water and moisture are watches greatest enemy.

Warming the back of the watch will reduce moisture and keep the water away from its interior.  It would probably be a good idea to bring your watch into our service center so we can make sure that the water didn’t cause damage.

What if I accidentally shower while wearing my watch?

We suggest that although your watch may be water resistant, it makes sense not to shower with your watch. Soaps, shampoos, and conditioners are not friendly to the delicate and intricate movements.  If your timepiece is exposed to any liquids, rinse with tap water and dry off with a soft cotton cloth or towel.

Can I swim with my Chronograph?

Although many chronographs are robust, durable watches and are usually water resistant; they are not built for swimming pools or, the open seas.   If you find your chronograph getting wet, make sure to dry it off quickly. Adjusting the crown and or the bezel while underwater can break the seals of the gaskets allowing water to enter into the movement.  It’s a good idea to make sure that the crown is screwed down tightly to avoid water entry.

If my watch is water resistant, can I dive into a pool?

Significant forms of shock and impact can cause damage to a watch.  If your watch is not meant for diving, we suggest not diving with it. There is a change in pressure as soon as one dives into a pool. The more times one dives into the pool, the greater the chances of water getting forced through the gasket which will damage the inside of your watch.

What if my Leather straps get wet?

Leather straps are not meant to get wet.   Water, moisture, liquids, and lotions may cause the straps to wear out quickly.  Water, liquids, and lotions can also discolor the fine leathers finish if your leather strap gets wet wipe of immediately with a soft cotton cloth or towel.

If you have any questions or concerns our Shami watch experts are available to educate, inform and help.