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Complete Service & Maintenance

For more than 70 years, the professionals at Shami Fine Watchmaking have serviced and repaired luxury timepieces.

Whether your timepiece simply needs a new battery or a complete mechanical overhaul, Shami’s state of the art facility offers a wide variety of watch repair services to help maintain and restore your watch to perfection. Our Swiss-trained watchmakers utilize the most up to date equipment, allowing us to guarantee a high-quality service for your timepiece.


For most mechanical watches, manufacturers often recommend a full movement service every three to five years, depending on the brand specifications. All parts of the movement are cleaned and replaced if necessary, the lubricant is renewed and the watch is fine-tuned again.


There are five basic components of a watch:
The mainspring and it’s winding mechanism, which provides power.
The train which consists of gears, wheels & pinions that turn the hands.
The escapement consisting of the escape wheel and balance that regulates or controls.
The dial and hands that tell time & setting mechanism
The housing consisting of the case and plates that protects.

Mechanical watches are small engines powered by a mainspring, which keeps the balance in motion. The uniformity of this motion relies on the balance and escapement: the durability rests on the quality of the material and construction of the complete movement.

Automatic Winding
The self-winding watch uses the movement of the body in order to wind up the mainspring slowly and nearly continuously. Most automatics have up to 36 hours of reserve power. Mechanical movements are accurate within one minute each day. If an automatic watch is not worn for a day or two, it will wind down and stopped working.

Manual-Wind (Hand Wound)
Refers to a watch with a manual mechanical movement, which needs to be wound by the wearer using the winding crown. When the crown won’t turn any longer, the mainspring is fully wound which then releases its energy to power the watch.

A complete mechanical overhaul consists of:

A. Complete disassembly of the case and movement.
B. Replacement of the reverser wheel (automatic self-winding) and any damaged/worn movement parts.
C. Ultrasonic cleaning process, 1st in cleaning solution, and 3 different rinsing solutions.
D. Reassembly of the movement & new lubrication to factory specs.
E. Adjust the Amplitude & install new Mainspring.
F. All gaskets are replaced.
G. Seal and Pressurize Case for Water Seal.
H. Quality Control: The power reserve, timing accuracy and cosmetic appearance of your watch is inspected
I. Return of your timepiece.


The life of your battery depends on several variables. Although your average quartz battery should last for 1 to 3 years, the more functions a watch has will reduce the batteries life span. If batteries are left in a watch long after they no longer have power, they can leak which can cause severe damage to the movement.


It’s recommended for quartz watches to be serviced every 4-5 years. At Shami, our Swiss-Certified watchmaker’s are committed to restoring your timepiece to perfection.

A complete quartz overhaul consists of:

Complete disassembly of the case and movement.
Replacement of worn/damaged movement parts.
Battery replacement
Seal and Pressurize Case for Water Seal.
Reassembly of the case and movement
Quality Control
Return of your timepiece.


Periodically, the case and bracelet of your watch may obtain scratches and may lose its shine. Let the professionals at Shami help you restore the original appearance of your timepiece!


We offer a 2-year warranty on the work carried out on the movement of your timepiece. Any defective parts found within the movement will be replaced by our in-house Swiss-Certified Watchmakers at no cost. Shami’s warranty does not cover; cosmetic issues such as normal wear and tear (scratches or discoloration, scratched crystals, discolored straps, etc.). Damage to any part of the watch, including the movement, caused by neglect, accidental drops, or misuse. The warranty is rendered void if any work is done by any person other than the authorized personnel of Shami Fine Watchmaking


Shami takes pride in providing all customers with complementary estimates along with high-quality services.


• Band Sizing and Adjustment

• Restoration

• Appraisals

• Watch De-magnetism

• Automatic movement

• Battery replacement

• Crystal replacement

• Overhaul

• Polishing

• Quartz

• Restoration

• Water-resistance maintenance

• Sizing and adjustments

• Stem and crown

• Ultrasonic cleaning

• Vintage timepieces

• Regulation